About Company

Sage Microsystems, Inc. was founded in 1986 and is a leader in providing point-of-sale business management solutions to the automotive services industry. Sage Microsystems' success is directly attributed to our relentless focus on the needs of our customers and our ongoing reinvestment in product research and the development of leading-edge solutions to meet the needs of this ever-evolving marketplace.

Sage's trademark has been 'ease-of-use'. From the early days of this industry, it has been clear that the operators in the fast lube centers needed quick, reliable and easy to use computer systems. It's no secret that automating daily work processes directly improves the availability, quality and value of critical business information.

Sage's legacy DOS-based products offered a Sage-manufactured keyboard to solve this problem. All services, coupons, discounts and payment choices were printed on lighted keys on the keyboard. This significantly reduced operator anxiety and increased speed and accuracy.

In 1998, Sage committed to a total system re-write to take full advantage of the Microsoft Windows suite of products and to be able to incorporate touchscreen technology. Sage's current Windows-based QuickTouch products take advantage of touchscreens and large, colorful, on-screen buttons. Operators simply 'touch' the screen to process customers. Our industry has now joined the general retail and hospitality industries in using this critical technology. As our customers have upgraded to our QuickTouch systems, they all agree that this is a huge step forward regarding ease-of-use.

This commitment to full-featured and easy-to-use solutions is the primary reason that Sage Microsystems has successfully completed over 1500 system installations to date.


Sage celebrates 25 years of success!

Throughout our twenty-five year history, Sage Microsystems has focused exclusively on meeting the needs of the automotive services industry. Guided by a strong, forward-thinking management team with a proven track record in the industry, we will continue to focus our efforts towards meeting the needs of our customers by developing products and services that will enable our customers to more efficiently service more cars at a higher per-ticket average, while attaining the absolute highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Perhaps more importantly, our ongoing development efforts are equally focused on meeting the needs of the ultimate end-user - our customers' customers. Today's oil change customers are influenced by your image and credibility as well as by the information you make available to them. Clean, professional presentations based on customers' complete service histories and actual manufacturer's specifications, build confidence in your staff and your center. Confidence builds customer loyalty.

The ability to easily access, exchange and analyze accurate information is critical to the success of automotive service operations of any scale. The ability to access meaningful business information in a timely manner is what enables Sage customers to make their operations more efficient, profitable, and focused on meeting the needs of their customers.


"After using your software, I realize I was driving a Yugo, and I was going nowhere fast. Now I know what it feels like to be at the wheel of a Cadillac."
Gilberto Galceran
After using SAGE for 3 years I can say "Great Product"- "Great Support" -"Great Deal" for me and my stores!”
Gary Packham
"We have been a Sage Microsystems customer since 1997. The QuickTouch system has had a very favorable effect on our business. It has boosted our efficiency and has put us in position to service our customers much more effectively. Sage Microsystems support staff has been great. They are all very knowledgeable and are on top of their game. I am truly grateful for their help and support.”
Julian Thompson
“I manage a lube shop, and I tend to use our POS system all day - everyday. We had another system before we purchased SAGE Microsystems' QuickTouch solution, and the difference between the two is like night and day. QuickTouch has many more options than the other system and is much easier to use. We made a very good choice.”
Rich Neily
“Two words … Thank you! Thank you for making a system that doesn’t require an I.T. Professional or computer genius to use. We have used your system since 1999 and have only one thing to say: Why wasn’t I using it in 1998? To the people in Technical Support: Keep up the good work. The few (very few) times I have called in with questions, my calls were always handled promptly and professionally.”
Darryl Donovan