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Sage and CarFax have become business partners to provide our customers with value-added and business-building system features. This is an optional interface and designed to promote the store’s image and customer awareness as well as streamline the customer servicing process. The Sage/CarFax interface includes:

Service History added to the CarFax report:

Every service transaction performed in the store is communicated to CarFax. The service detail is added to the service history on that vehicle’s CarFax report. The report will include the store’s name and the location where the service was performed. This is a powerful tool to advertise and promote your store location.

New in QuickTouch Version 7
*Included with QuickTouch Pro

License to VIN

CarFax License Plate to VIN function:

Service technicians simply type in a customer’s license plate number and CarFax will return that vehicle’s VIN to the QuickTouch system. Year, make, model and engine will be automatically updated and the Motor technical databases will be activated and correct for that vehicle. Enter a VIN and Carfax will return the customer’s license plate number.

CarFax Handouts:

For More Infomation Contact CarFax www.carfaxservicelink.com