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Create softer up-sales by allowing your customers to take more ‘ownership’ of their vehicles needs by offering the DriverSide Online Garage. The DriverSide Online Garage is a powerful, turn-key solution that increases sales and customer retention at lower direct marketing costs. Integrated with your store management system, DriverSide automatically creates personal vehicle Web pages (Online Garages) for each of your customers and reminds them when service is due.

Maximize Your Revenue & Return on Investment

New in QuickTouch Version 7
*Included with QuickTouch Pro


·More frequent customer contact resulting in greater, retention, higher service frequency and increased revenue

·Broad, unlimited coverage for a low fixed monthly fee, per location, that outperforms direct mail by price and effectiveness

·Incremental business via referrals from DriverSide.com’s service provider directory and partners

·Automated “set it and forget it” solution enables you to focus on core competencies and running your business

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